Monitoring Services

In the security industry we refer to the communication between the security company and your alarm system at home or work, as monitoring. It is the ability to receive information from your alarm “panel”. We offer three ways of monitoring to our clients:

Telephone Monitoring

This is when one of our technicians link your system via a telephone jack. This can only be done if there is a landline at your site, which has sufficient funds if you are using a pre-paid system.

Radio Monitoring

Radio Monitoring is when we install a custom made Alpha Alarms radio. This enables us to receive signals via the radio frequencies in our control centre. It is more modern than the telephone monitoring service and deemed safer than a link by industry experts.


GPRS Monitoring

GPRS is the latest means of communication to assist in effective communication between your property and our control centre. The GPRS monitoring is done via cell phone repeaters and therefore makes national monitoring possible.

Get monitoring for your home or business.