Our Skilled Team

We work with a group of like-minded individuals whose main interest is to protect lives and assets. We take great pride in our employees and continue to inspire them to work with the passion and commitment needed to succeed.

Security officers are often the first to greet your clients, therefore it is compulsory that they project the correct image. Currently a strict, but fair disciplinary code is in place to ensure that all our security officers are highly disciplined, well-mannered and wearing the correct uniform at all times.


Our highly visible uniform consists of blue and red, which is designed to uphold your image and is welcomed by all our clients, whatever the nature of their business. Incentives are awarded to encourage security staff to strive for excellence. As a result, good attitudes and commitment to job performances are maintained, thereby ensuring the safety, security and satisfaction of our clients.

We provide 3 forms of guarding :


General Guarding


Armed Guarding


Close Protection Service

Get guarding for your home or business.